Mar de Leva

Sustainable clothing brand inspired by traditional tattoo culture

Illustration / Graphic Design / Photography / Web Design / E-Commerce

Mar de Leva is an independent brand of sustainable clothing, accessories and prints, it is a personal project, which began to take shape in 2017.

In this project I am in charge of the art direction; branding, conceptualization, illustration, photography, and marketing. The main inspiration to shape the brand and the project has been the sea hand in hand with the graphic style of the traditional old-school tattoo.

The website

The Mar de Leva website is made under Shopify, one of the best CMS for eCommerce, it is one of the sales platforms and it is one of the best options today to sell products online and guarantee the user’s shopping experience


As in any brand project and especially clothing, photography is essential. In the photographic work of the brand, we always seek to reflect the quality of the garments but also the lifestyle of our regular clients, models outdoors, close-ups of clothing, etc.


The illustrations are inspired by artists, writers, songs and various elements that connect us with the environment, in my case, the sea.

The illustrations have nostalgic phrases, from writers, poets and music artists; flamenco, rock, following the graphic style of traditional tattoo culture.